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Tamam Exhibition Services has over two decades of experience delivering hundreds of successful events every year.We hve Exhibitions,Events,Interior Design,Large Format Digital Printing and Offset Litho Collateral.

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Tamam Exhibition Services LLC - Top Exhibition Services in UAE.

Tamam is a leading exhibition company based in Dubai, specializing in providing􀀠 comprehensive exhibition services to local and international clients.

Our company values sustainability and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. That’s why, for our exhibition and event projects refer to use recyclable materials such as date palm waste (instead of mdf medium density fibreboard) where possible. Not only does this help to conserve resources and reduce waste, but it can also give our projects a unique and eco - friendly aesthetic, by incorporating these materials into our designs we hope to inspire others in the industry to􀀠 make similar sustainable choices.

    We help you in business by delivering good ideas.
    We set your company apart from your competitors.
    We help you develop a modern technic strategy.

With a strong focus on creativity, innovation, and professionalism, we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional experiences that exceed our client's expectations.

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Our 4 step process

Step into the world of innovative design and flawless execution as we unveil the two-line introduction to the exhibition stand building process. Immerse yourself in a seamless journey from concept to creation, where captivating spaces are meticulously crafted to showcase your brand's vision and leave an indelible mark on every visitor.


Begin by clearly defining your objectives for participating in the exhibition. Identify what you aim to achieve, whether it's brand visibility, lead generation, product showcasing, or networking opportunities. Set specific, measurable goals to guide your decision-making throughout the implementation process.


Work closely with design team or engage with a professional exhibition design agency to develop a compelling concept for your stand. Consider your target audience, brand identity, and the message you want to convey. Collaborate on the booth layout, visual elements, interactive features, signage, and graphics that align with your objectives.


Once the design is finalized, proceed to the production phase. Work with production team to bring the design to live. Ensure that materials, finishes, and construction techniques meet the desired standards of quality and durability. Incorporate technology integration, lighting, and audiovisual elements as required.


By completing these final steps effectively, you can ensure a successful exhibition experience and maximize the impact of your exhibition stand.

Grow Your Business With Exhibitions

We have 100 % success in designed,built &executed exhibition & eventprojects across the region andinternationally forover 20+ years.

Tamam Design Team

Our team of fully trained and experienced in-house designers oversee the design from the initial concept through to providing clients with 3D visual representation of the finished project and event.

Production Team

Responsible for bringing the exhibition designs to life. Comprising artisans, craftsmen, technicians, and production managers, this team ensures the seamless execution and timely delivery of every project

Quality Checker

They possess expertise in various production techniques, materials, and technologies, enabling them to construct high-quality exhibition booths and stands that align with the design vision.

Hospitality/Generalized Team

The hospitality or generalized team focuses on providing exceptional customer service and support to exhibitors and visitors during the event. Their responsibilities include greeting attendees, answering questions, providing information about the exhibition, guiding visitors, and assisting with any general inquiries.

Tamam Group Providing Services

Tamam provides a range of services including Exhibition services, Event management, Audiovisual services, and Digital printing. Tamam offering these services worldwide allows you to cater to clients from different locations and ensure a seamless experience for their events and exhibitions. This broad range of services can help clients create impactful and successful events, exhibitions, and marketing campaigns.


Exhibition services are a set of servicesthat facilitate the planning, organization,and execution of exhibitions or tradeshows, also offers a range of services toclients.

Event Management

Event management is the process ofplanning, organizing, and executingevents such as conferences,weddings, trade shows, and othersocial or corporate events.

Audio & Visuals

Audiovisual services play a crucial role in enhancing presentations, displays, and overall attendee engagement. From setting up sound systems and lighting to providing multimedia equipment, your team can help clients create immersive and impactful experiences for their events.

Digital Printing

In addition to our comprehensiveexhibition services, our company alsooffers digital printing services. Withour state-of-the-art digital printingequipment and expertise, we canfulfill a wide range of printingrequirements for our clients.

About Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands, also known as trade show booths or display booths, are temporary structures or spaces specifically designed to showcase products, services, or information at exhibitions, trade shows, or other promotional events.

  • These stands serve as a platform for businesses to engage with their target audience, generate leads, and create brand awareness.
  • Exhibition stands can range from simple modular designs to elaborate custom-built structures, depending on the objectives, budget, and aesthetic preferences of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibition stands can vary in size, shape, and design, ranging from simple table-top displays to elaborate custom-built structures equipped with multimedia, interactive features, and engaging visuals to attract and captivate visitors.

About National Pavilions

National pavilions in the exhibition field refer to dedicated spaces or sections within trade shows or exhibitions that are specifically allocated for individual countries to showcase their industries, culture, products, and innovations.

  • They may include interactive exhibits, displays, multimedia presentations, cultural performances, and business matchmaking events to engage visitors and foster connections between exhibitors and potential partners or investors.
  • National pavilions provide an opportunity for countries to demonstrate their economic prowess, technological advancements, cultural heritage, and tourism attractions, enhancing their global presence and attracting international attention.

About Interior Works

Interior works encompass the planning, design, and execution of various elements within a built environment to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable spaces. These works focus on enhancing the interior environment of residential, commercial, or public spaces, considering factors such as layout, materials, colors, lighting, furniture, fixtures, and finishes. Interior works involve several key components:

  • Space Planning, Design and Decoration, Flooring and Wall Treatments, Lighting, Furnishing and Fixtures, HVAC and Electrical Systems, Networking, Sustainability and Building Codes

About Digital Printing

Digital printing plays a significant role in both malls and exhibition stands, offering versatile and impactful solutions for visual communication and branding. Here's how digital printing is utilized in these contexts:

  • Mall Signage and Graphics: Digital printing enables the creation of eye-catching signage, banners, posters, and wall graphics that effectively promote stores, products, and promotions within malls. Whether it's large-scale window displays, floor graphics, or hanging signs, digital printing.
  • Exhibition Stand Graphics: Digital printing is extensively used in exhibition stands to create visually impactful graphics and visuals. Custom-printed backdrops, banners, fabric displays, and signage can be produced quickly and with high precision, helping exhibitors effectively communicate their brand, products, and key messages to event attendees.


Tamam execute various projects to create engaging and successful experiences within their exhibition stands. Here are a few examples of projects commonly undertaken by Tamam


Career show, venued in DWTC

Al Ghaith Energy

Designed for ADIPEC Show

LuLu International

CIAL Show, venued in ADNEC


GITEX Show, venued in DWTC

BSS Tech

ADIPEC Show, venued in ADNEC

Etihad Water&Electricity

WETEX Show, venued in DWTC

Malasia Pavalion

ATM Show, venued in DWTC

Egypt Pavalion

Designed for ATM


Cityscape Global Saudi, Venued in RFECC

Dubai Islamic Bank

Designed for Careers Show

Spire Solutions

GITEX, Venued in DWTC

Etihad Water& Electricity

WETEX Show, venued in DWTC

Khalid Faraj

NAVDEX Show, venued in ADNEC


Career Show, venued in DWTC

LuLu International

Gulfood, venued in DWTC

Gulf Bio

Arab Health Show, Venued in DWTC


Careers show, Venued in DWTC


Middle East Rail, Veniued in ADNEC


We are extremely impressed and happy with the clients reply for our creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail - they brought our vision to life and helped us stand out at the event.

Spire Solutions

Middle East & Africa region's leading cybersecurity solution provider

We highly recommend Tamam to anyone seeking an exceptional exhibition stand. Their team's creativity, professionalism, and ability to deliver under tight deadlines are unmatched. They truly made our event a success.


The DEWA is a Government public service infrastructure company

The exhibition stand designed and built by Tamam exceeded our wildest expectations. It was both visually stunning and functionally efficient, providing a fantastic platform for showcasing our products and services.


Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)

From the initial concept to the final installation, Tamam demonstrated their expertise and commitment to excellence. They truly understand the art of captivating design, and their stand became the highlight of the event.

Lulu Group International

LuLu Group is an Emirati-based multinational conglomerate company

Our exhibition stand was a huge success, and we owe it all to Tamam. Their attention to detail, quick problem-solving abilities, and top-notch execution were commendable. We can't wait to work with them again!

Gulf Bio Analytical LLC

Gulf Bio, providing comprehensive laboratory solutions in the Middle East

The team at Tamam displayed unmatched creativity and versatility in designing our stand. They thoughtfully integrated our branding elements and created an engaging space that drew attendees in and left a lasting impression.

Al Rawabi

Al Rawabi is one of the leading dairy and juice companies in UAE

Choosing Tamam for our exhibition stand was the best decision we made. Their professionalism, excellent communication, and on-site support made the whole process stress-free. We received countless compliments from visitors and clients.

Panama Maritime Authority

PMA is as a leaders in the provision of maritime, logistics and port services

Thank you to the talented team at Tamam for their outstanding craftsmanship and innovative ideas. Our stand received an incredible amount of attention and positive feedback, thanks to their exceptional work.